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Google loses autocomplete law suit in Japan

In April 2013 Google was ordered by a Japanese Court to change its autocomplete feature and ordered to pay 30,000 yen in damages to a Japanese man. Google’s autocomplete feature was linking the man to a series of crimes he did not commit when his name was typed in on the search engine.

Last year Tokyo District Court issued an injunction backing the Claimant which Google failed to honour.

The Claimant said that he had lost his job because of Google displaying search results that suggested that he was a notorious criminal.

This is the first reported case where Google is ordered by a Japanese court to change its search terms. To read the full article go to


Google ordered to change autocomplete (Japan)

March 2012

Google was issued with a court order telling it to delete individual items from autocomplete.
A court in Japan told Google that its autocomplete function violated a man’s privacy after his name had been linked to crimes he did not commit. Google, defending the application argued at court that search results were generated mechanically based on other searches and rather than by Google itself manually.

Google rejects any claims that it sometimes influences search results, a claim which has been repeated during a series of claims against the company in various jurisdictions.

Reported on BBC News

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