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Twitter ordered to reveal identity of bigots

12 July 2013

Twitter has been ordered to reveal, to French Police, the identity of bigots who posted anti-Semitic and racist abuse.

Twitter argued that it should only be subject to US and was intending to defend the anonymity of users.

Prosecutors in Paris argue that the Twitter had a duty to expose those who post abuse and that this duty prevailed over a right to anonymity.


Twitter ordered to unmask racist anonymous French tweeters

A French tribunal ordered Twitter, in January 2013, to reveal the identities of the anonymous tweeters who were tweeting their anti-Semitic views.

Twitter was sued by the Union of French Jewish Students. Twitter claimed that they were abiding the laws of the country that they operate in and that only a US judge could make them adhere to the request of releasing their identities.

The Paris tribunal ruled that Twitter must hand over the information such as their names, email and IP addresses or face being fined $1,300 a day.  Twitter is now said to be reviewing the court’s decision.  They have already removed the tweets that the union said strongly breached France’s hate speech laws.

Twitter said that they do not monitor or are aware of all the content on their network but will look at the reports of tweets that may be against their policies or tweets that are illegal.

Google told to disassociate a man from bad search results (France)


September 2012

A convicted criminal has won his legal bid to force Google to remove search results that repeat the original allegations against him.  The man argued that his human rights are continually being infringed by the adverse publications and that this affected his ability to find jobs and to form friendships.

The French court ordered Google to disassociate the plaintiff from specific search results and to pay him compensations as well as a fine for every additional day that the defamatory results are published.

Read the full judgement here

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